Spring Clean

Spring cleaning arises from the days when people used to use coal for heating. After a long, cold winter, householders would empty Spring-Cleaning-ADtheir fire grates for the last time and go through their homes ensuring that every trace of coal dust was removed from ceilings, floors and furnishings.


These days we no longer have coal fires, however that does not mean that dust and dirt are no longer an issue unfortunately!


It’s a great feeling to know that your home is absolutely spotless, with no dust or dirt anywhere. We will give you that peace of mind, as we will ensure that every single corner of your homes is perfectly clean.


This means that the time you spend on cleaning is minimal as we’ll have done all the hard work.
We’ll clean from top to bottom – literally


Our sping /one-off cleaning service will include the following:-


Dusting/cleaning ceilings and light fittings
Cleaning tops of doorways & high shelving units
Fully cleaning and de-scaling bathrooms and all fittings
Vacuuming all floor areas
Thorough cleaning of kitchen cupboards and surfaces
Vacuuming under beds and matresses
Vacuuming furnishings
Cleaning and sanitising bins
& much more